Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Triking in the rain

Well, not really.

Now that the rain has been kept me indoors, I haven't been able to ride the trike much at all. I never really believed in trainers. The only thing worse than riding a stationary bike indoors is driving your car to the gym to ride a stationary bike.

Unfortunately, I really need to build myself up and with my gym membership canceled, a trainer may be my only choice. Most bicycle trainers require the rear drive wheel to be secured to the device. Since I have a smaller wheel size (20") than the typical 26" or 700mm of road/mountain bikes, I can't use those.

Rollers will be my only choice. Can you believe this one made by Sportscrafters is the cheapest one and it's still priced at $165 + tax + shipping. That's close to $200 for two metal bars and "rollers."

Time to look at the used market to see if I can get my hands on one of these. Even previously enjoyed models are still $100. I might have to make one.

UPDATE: 3/18/11
I got it! The Hostel Shoppe has their own classified ads. Someone from the forums referred me to this site and I eventually got in touch with Owen who sold me the roller. After receiving it well packaged in the mail, I now realize why it's $100. I have to admit the quality is pretty good. No regrets on the purchase. I'm really glad I got this small version so it can store away while I'm not using it.


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