Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comparing Catrike Road, Expedition and Speed

There are quite a few differences between the Catrike Road, Expedition and Speed models. Let's take a look at it in detail.

I don't like how the Road's three wheels are all the same size. It's odd to me that the rear drive wheel isn't larger. This is my preference purely on looks - same reason why I fell so much for the Speed. It has identical wheel sizes as my current KMX Tornado. The proportions look good and the smaller (20" as opposed to 26") rear drive wheel's ability to climb hills better is an attractive characteristic.

KMX - 20" rear, 16" front
Road - 20" rear, 20" front
Speed - 20" rear, 16" front
Expedition - 26" rear, 20" front

The KMX is just under 6' long. I hadn't realized how short that was until I rode with a few people from the East Bay Recumbents Yahoo group. The KMX is a baby compared to their Ice Trikes.

KMX - 6'-0"
Road - 6'-2"
Speed - 6'-3"
Expedition - 6'-7"

From what I've heard, weight matters. I haven't ridden anything else extensively so I have no clue, but I trust there's a noticeable benefit in having a lighter trike. For reference, carbon fiber road bikes are 16lbs or so.

KMX - 43lbs (ouch!)
Road - 33lbs
Speed - 30lbs
Expedition - 35lbs

I found that the KMX does not clear city curbs coming down onto the street. I've scratched up the bottom pretty good in my attempts. I need to remember that a new trike wouldn't have to just meet the needs for the ALC, but for everyday riding back in the City on regular roads both urban and offroad.

KMX - 3.00"
Road - 3.00"
Speed - 2.25"
Expedition - 4.24"
Villager - 5.50" (good enough to clear curbs)

Even with the highest clearance of the bunch, the Expedition still doesn't clear curbs (according to the BROL forum members. On a Speed, I wouldn't even attempt a curb jump. That could literally snap the frame. Being clipped in, it would be a major inconvenience to have to get off the trike just to go down a curb.

Looking at the list, the Catrike Road is my new favorite. With 16" front wheels, it'll be set.


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