Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Juice me up on the road

The Aids Life Cycle ride doesn't provide power for riders or roadies to charge their personal equipment like cell phones or laptops. Although I'll be saving my blogging for my return to the City and therefore have no plans to bring my laptop, I don't want to be w/o my cell phone. That's where the solar powered battery comes into play.

My first source of research and availability for these units was with my friend, Ebay. For new technology (new to me anyway) devices, I'm a bit weary of the worthiness of products sold on Ebay. No offense to my fellow Asian brethren just trying to make a living in China, but I've heard too many times that some of these gadgets simply don't work or worse, cause fires!

After doing a quick search on the net, I found people have been raving about the Arctic Cooling C1 solar battery charger. The Youtube reviews were great and at the retail price of $25, it's perfect. None of that $50+ stuff from Staples for me thank you.

I found an ebay seller who ships these units out of Hollywood, so that sounds fairly reliable. I like that he's domestic so I won't have to wait 3 weeks for something to be shipped from overseas. With a feedback of 99.7%, I couldn't ask for more. My order for $20.80 is being submitted.

The package was lost in the mail. USPS confirmed it was delivered but it never showed up! After seeing the mailman this afternoon, I asked if remembered the package which supposedly was NOT left on the doorstep, but was put into the mail slot. The mailman then held up the package and said, "It's right here!" Awesome!

The unit is much tinier than I imagined. Wow, this thing is tiny. I'm charging it by the window before even opening the package! Waiting to test it tonight. Can't wait.


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