Sunday, March 6, 2011

Total Packing List

There will be a ton of stuff I'll forget to bring on the ALC ride if I don't write it down. Here's the start of the ongoing list:

- mirror (use Angela's)
- shaver
- get a haircut before the ride b/c there won't be hair dryers available
- glasses
- backup contact lenses
- regular non-cycling gloves (buy at dollar store)
- SD cards (buy)
- cycling sunglasses (replacement Tifosi Tyrant Fototec)
- sweat band (head/wrist)
- journal/pen
- APC Backup battery (Thank you Mark Jaremko)
- PSP USB charger cable (buy)
- hand warmers for sleeping

- Backup spokes and nips for each wheel (4). No one will have spares the correct size.
- Backup cassette
- Extra tubes
- Extra tire, one of each size.

- netbook
- Internet capability card

UPDATE: 5/4/11
I found a list from a helpful website on what to bring. Tips included!


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