Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dream crankset?

I'm looking at new cranksets already. Shorter arms are fairly important to me since it'll help relieve knee pain in the long run. I recently found one from Utah Trikes.

This set has extremely short arms. 152mm instead of 170mm from my stock setup. My previous set were a pair of 155's. Price tag? $75 before shipping and tax. Chain ring size? 22/32/44

I can't help but to make another gear inch chart. Here it is. 10.1-86.1GI's.

And if we slap on an 8-speed Megarange? Since I won't be able to use the 11t cog, it's still capped at 86.1GI's. The only difference would be on the low end. 10.1GI's becomes 8.9GI's. The work and cost isn't worth the benefit. I'd have to get a new wheel and remount the hub for this to become a reality.

UPDATE: 3/17/10
It looks like the crankset is out of stock! Guess it's popular. Since locating the 7-sp Sunrise Megadrive cassette, I thought I'd post the GI chart for record. This will be my final setup before the trip.


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