Friday, March 11, 2011

Losing the trike?

If I ever lost the trike, I figured it would be b/c someone stole it. I never thought my trike would be at risk from getting wiped away by a Tsunami! Apparently it's becoming a reality as waves from Japan have been traveling through the Pacific ocean at 600mph coming west towards California for the past 6 or so hours.

The quake in Japan wasn't a tiny one. 8.9 - that's the 5th largest quake recorded in the world. ever! I used to laugh at the signs they post here by the water but it's starting to look more serious. I have an evacuation bag, but my trike isn't in it.

Beaches are closed.

What does "warning" really mean? Well, it's the highest level of seriousness. In order of very serious to not so serious, the levels look like this:

Tsunami Warning
Tsunami Advisory
Tsunami Watch
Tsunami Statement

Some streets are closed, BART is considering suspending service, and parts of the Bay are getting crazy traffic from all the people in the evacuation zones. Exciting but scary.


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