Friday, March 4, 2011

I Used To Be Fat

The only time I was fat was probably 3 weeks after I was born. I've been lanky ever since, but I lately I've been watching a show called "I Used to be Fat" on MTV. It's an inspiring documentary about heavy folks going on a grueling 90 day transformation with a trainer. Work out sessions are everyday for 90 days. Yup that's 7-days/week for 90 days. Some of these kids have lost in excess of 130lb's! That's crazy. One guy lost 40% of his initial weight.

The struggle they've gone through in Season 1 of "I Used to be Fat" is similar to the mental struggle and physical training I have to endure for the Aids Life Cycle. Back to back 80miles/day for 7 days is pretty nuts.

This is what the route looks like. Yup, Northern California to South Calfifornia. It's not nearly as crazy as the guy running across the country, but it's still a crazy feat. I've been too involved in school to be the athletic type, but hopefully this can be a life changing physical accomplishment I can share with my kids.

Your daddy rode his tricycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

It'll also be a fun vacation time with Angela who will be my tent mate. She's officially registered as a volunteer nurse for the ride.


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