Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New shades

sI lost my glasses. Yes, I lost my Tifosi's. It'll be a time for a replacement pair soon. I'll definitely need a set for the ride. My eyes are sensitive as they are from the light. Speeding down at what I'm guessing may get up to 35mph w/o eye protection isn't a good idea. That's where these come in.

These are both from Nashbar. They're cheap for what they are. Both sets are Photochromic, meaning they change color in varying degrees of light. - from clear to grey.

Zurich looks close to what I had before. The lenses have an elongated shape. It looks like this pair's eye pieces wrap around much more snugly than the other ones I've seen - $39.

Next is the Platte. The lenses are more square. The eye pieces don't wrap around as far. This particular pair has a vent (probably more for aesthetics than function) built into the corner of each lens - $49.


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