Monday, March 7, 2011

Road KMX Tornado Trike in Korea?

Really? Out of all places, I would have never expected to find a road trike in Korea. I've never been there, but I just assumed it would be almost as densely populated as China leaving no room for 3 wheeled carts.

It looks like an SUV with that extra 2" ground clearance. I'm guessing those are 20" wheels in the front and a 26er in the back. I'm surprised the seat can still recline so low with such a large drive wheel. Interesting storage placement.

I'm envious of the rear quick release system. I've always wanted that. It must be so much easier than pulling out two wrenches and pulling away.

I found these photos on the Rebike website so it's no wonder this KMX Tornado is sporting their SL-II idlers. I'm not a fan of chrome, but the red looks good.

What's missing on this crankset? The Shark! There's no KMX derailleur mounting bracket! How did this guy find a derailleur to mount like that? Maybe it's a custom plate. If you own this trike, please contact me! I'd love to know. It's a very clean look.


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