Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another set of short crankarms

The crankset I ordered finally arrived! It comes with short crankarms, 152mm. I was a bit worried that they'd be too short. The 155mm ones seemed perfect. The difference is only 4mm (2mm x 2 crankarms = 4mm) but it's fairly noticeable. 155mm would be the perfect length, but I can't be picky right now. This 152mm ones are still a huge improvement over the 170mm ones from the KMX X-Class that Andy sold me.

I was shocked though that the crank arms look nothing like the photo from Amazon on the left. The one that arrived in the mail has bright satin colored arms. It looks a lot more like the Lasco ones than what's pictured on even the manufacturer's Action Bicycle website.

I had preferred black b/c satin matches nothing on the trike except I guess the spokes. Maybe it's better this way though b/c there's better contrast with the chain rings and boom which are both black.

It's always good to see a before and after shot.

The new one looks a ton bigger b/c it has a built in chain guard! No more dirty pant leg! Fancy stuff. I can't believe this thing was only $29 shipped! It won't take me long to remove the ugly "Shun" sticker on the arms.

The only downfall on this product from what I can tell is that the chain rings are riveted to the arms, meaning they cannot be swapped for alternative sizes. For the price, I'm not complaining.

Here's the collection of cranksets I have. I can't believe I've gone through so many! They are in order of sizes.

In order from left to right:
170mm (X-Class)
170mm (stock)

This is a closer look at the crankarms. The difference in lengths are a bit easier to see in this photo of the left arms.


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