Sunday, March 20, 2011

The rest of the components

After some heavy thoughts in the shower realizing the ALC event is quickly coming up in less than 80 days, I jumped on the computer and ordered the remaining parts I need to complete the ride safely and comfortably.

1. SRAM 3.0 twist shifter. Andy included one in the set I bought from him, but it doesn't have the numbers 1-2-3. I like having the numbers and wanted something to match the existing 7 gear twist shifter. I'm down $11.86 from this purchase - not bad.

2. Chains. The bent uses 3 chained in a string. I bought a few of the cheap ones from Nashbar. $15.99 a pop.

3. Pump. I've been wanting a new pump for awhile. Anything that has a gauge attached to it would be easier to use. I'm tired of pumping, pulling the nozzle off, checking with the tire gauge, then pumping again realizing I didnt' pump enough air the first time. Nashbar has a cool one for $14.99. That's cheaper than the crappy no-gauge one I have from Target.

4. Backup cleats. It's listed on the recommended list of things to bring from the ALC website, so I'm not questioning it. Plus one of mine are getting loose and at $9.99, it's a no brainer. It's also from Nashbar.

5. Derailleur cables. This is the whole reason I started any purchases at all. I needed cables and hoses to make my SRAM 3x7 internal gear hub function. It won't work w/o it and local shops charge $2.50/foot. Nashbar has these things for $2.99 for 5', so again it was a no brainer. I picked up 2. One is for the twist shifter's front chain rings and the other is for the IGH.

6. Megarange Cassette. SRAM no longer sells the 7-speed 11-34T cassette, so I turned to a generic company that calls themselves Sunrace. I got the CSM63 model. I confirmed that my trike can't be converted to have an 8-speed cassette. It's not compatible with the IGH b/c of the overall width.

7. To install this cassette, I need the special $5 tool. I already have the freewheel version, but this is the cassette version. Slightly different, but still needed.

8. For the life of me, I couldn't find a 4-bolt short crank arm set. The Lasco one's $75 and out of stock. This one's $29 and is being shipped to me.

It may weigh a bit more and I lose two teeth since it's a 22/32/42 (instead of a 44), but I think it's worth it. Drew from Action Bicycles picked up the phone but wasn't able to give me the weight on this crankset. He confirmed that the rings cannot be removed. So much for swapping the 42T ring for a 44T. The 152mm arms will help a ton compared to the 170mm I have now from the old X-Class.

I'm starting to question whether I should have bought all that stuff from Andy. The wheels /tires and the shark fin all don't fit and the crank arms from the X-class are too long. He had good intentions, but I probably would have spent the same on the Sturmey Archer CS-RK3 and a custom wheel. With that setup, I'd have a nicer wheel, a matching hub, and would have gotten to keep my rear brake. I may sell the parts to another KMXer who isn't as picky as I am.


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