Friday, March 18, 2011

Light weight KMX

I heard from a buddy of mine that who recently spoke to KMX that they're coming out with a lighter weight aluminum framed trike! They're releasing the Venom and Viper with light weight seat frames too! This pulls them closer to the weights of the Catrike lineup.

Since the KMX's biggest drawback was weight, this new 2011 makeover makes it much more competitive in the market with Catrikes. The original trike's weight was 43lbs. It's now down to 37lbs! That's shedding 14%!

Unfortunately the Tornado doesn't get this new makeover. It's only reserved for the two higher end performance models.

Another surprise for 2011 is that both of these trikes dropped in price! The $2,200 top of the line KMX is now priced at just under $2k. The Viper is even cheaper. KMX is asking $1,500 for that model. Very competitive compared to the Catrikes.


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