Friday, March 4, 2011

More gear - self inflating mattress

It's on the recommended to-bring list from ALC, so we're packing it. The normally $49.99 one was on sale at Big 5 Sporting Goods for $35. We picked up two and took it home for a test. It seems better than the regular foam kind which would've been $17.99. The price is about double, but hopefully, it'll be double the comfort. I hate sleeping on the floor and this will help smooth out the rough terrain we're expecting with rocks and twigs underneath our sleeping surface. I'm glad Angela insisted on this self-inflating version over the foam one I originally had my eye on. After all, it will be 6 days of sleeping in the wilderness.

Hopefully this thing will last us long enough to pass down to our kids for their school field trips.

This thing must leak b/c it's definitely not as soft and full of air as when it's first inflated. After sleeping on it for the first night, I opened the valve and a gush of air started going back in. It was decent for sleeping and hopefully it will feel more comfortable on soil in a real world camping environment.

I tried this on my hardwood living room floor for a night of sleeping and am still convinced that it's better than a regular foam pad. At $35, it's not too bad. The competitor's versions are $60. I am a bit curious though and may buy the more expensive one just to try it out and see if I'm missing out on anything.


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