Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catrike in detail

I didn't notice until now that the gear inches for all the Catrikes fall into two categories - the 20" and 26". The cranksets are the same - 30T low and 52T high. Some have a middle 39T or 42T chain ring while others don't, but that doesn't change the min and max gear inch range. This means that if I mod the KMX to these specs or beyond, it'll be more than capable (aside from the major 25% weight difference).

The Catrike Villager / Trail / Road / Speed all share a 20" rear drive wheel and the GI chart looks like this.

The GI range is 17.3-87.1GI's.

The Expedition is the only one with a larger 26" rear drive wheel. Its chart looks like this.

The GI range is 22.5-113.3GI's.

With a low of 22.5GI's, it probably doesn't climb much better than my KMX Tornado.

The major differences amongst the Catrike lineup is the seat angle. Let's look at the lineup.

Trail - 45º
Road - 37º
Speed - 29º
Expedition - 37º

My KMX's seat angle is adjustable between 39º-45º. I'm at the second to last lowest setting which puts me at a comfortable 41º. I do remember when I was setting it up, that the lowest 39º was a bit too low. So the perfect match would actually in fact NOT be the Speed like I thought, but the Road or Expedition.

It looks like someone did the work for me. Here's the detailed comparison of the Catrike lineup


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