Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shipping the trike

Apart from the gearing, this is one of my biggest fears. Hahah, yeah. Really! My fear is not being able to ship the trike back from LA to SF.

If trikes had cool boxes like this, then maybe shipping wouldn't be such an issue. I could simply take it with me on the plane like regular luggage.

Even if the trike did fit assuming I learned how to take the thing apart, I would have trouble parting from my $750 to buy this plastic box. It looks cool, but I'm not paying more than $50 for a plastic box and my cardboard ones come free from retail stores. This bike box is just waiting to be stolen. Even if it was empty, I can imagine a thief would take it in seconds from coming out of the airport luggage carousels. Looks like I'll need another option.

I just got off the phone with Tim, my ALC rep and he's doing some research for me to see what others have done in the past. I hope to hear good news soon.


Wow, Tim Schneider got back to me really quick! I think it's been less than an hour since I got off the phone with him. The trike is registered for transportation from LA back to SF!

Good news is I don't have to take the bike apart and it won't need a box! There's nothing like the old school method.

I just need to roll it up the ramp to the truck they're using and that puppy's coming back to SF ready to be picked up on 6/13 or 6/14. Perfect.

The cost isn't too bad - $55 preregistered vs $85 for walk-ups. I'm so relieved!


  1. I'm looking to ship a trike but don't see any specific details. Mind sharing info or links to Tim at ALC so that I can see if they can help me? Thanks!