Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boy interupted

I admit I was a bit jealous of the attention the 4-wheeled 4-person bike was getting from a 7-year old boy who clearly had only just seen this surry for the first time. But that didn't last long.

I was following closely behind as the kid here at Golden Gate park interrupted himself as he saw the trike while making a comment to his dad about the surry.

Daddy, I want to sit on....

Then when he saw my trike following close behind, he froze and whispered to himself under his breath,


The look of shock was priceless. His jaw was open. His body stood still. Only his head followed the movement of the trike. No smile. No facial response.

The best reactions I've gotten from the trike are those of complete silence. The boy paused for a good 4 seconds while absorbing what he just saw me riding before continuing to plead to his dad. His smile started to take shape. Cheek to cheek.

Dad! Dad!
Look at that bike!


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