Thursday, May 6, 2010

"How Far Have You Ridden?"

Aside from, "Is it comfortable?," people are always asking me,

How far have you ridden?

One day I'd like to be able to answer with two words,

Los Angeles.

During my ride last week, someone stopped me to ask if I've ridden from SF to LA. He's claimed to have done it, but it took 14 days round trip! I did a bit of research and found a group of recumebent trike riders who did it. Apparently it happens every year and it's called the Aids Lifecyle. The next event will be the nineth year and it's coming up soon - June 6-12.

I've been watching some youtube videos and doing a bit of research and found a blog of someone's experience. From the looks of it, about 2500 people rode last year. 8 trucks of bags. Can you imagine?

I'm registered! Please support the trip by visiting this website:
AIDS Life Cycle 9.


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