Saturday, May 15, 2010


If you asked me two years ago or even 2 months ago if I would have ever even considered a pair of these, I would have flat out said no. But after looking at all the ALC photos on Flickr, I have yet to see anyone w/o them. The road bikes have a weight advantage. I need to do whatever I can to at least get a chance of keeping up w/these guys.

I tried on my first pair of clippless shoes today and to my surprise, they were super comfortable! The Bontrager RL's were the only ones within my budget and even then, it was still pricey. I don't remember the last time I spent more than $75 on shoes and this pair is a whopping $139 + tax.

I've chosen mountain these MTB (Mountain Bike) shoes b/c they're the only ones that I can wear as regular shoes off a the trike. The road ones are all plastic underneath and have zero tread. The MTB ones are also good for commuting. You don't have to worry about walking into Starbucks and tripping standing in line in discomfort. So MTB's it is.

I have yet to try on the Diadora X-Trails. These are also MTB shoes that will fit the clippless pedals I just bought (to arrive in the mail by 5/21).


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