Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crooked toes

I never really bothered checking my alignment accurately until this evening and found some bad news. Well, maybe bad news is good news. This means that when corrected, my trike might perform better! I'll hit the Polo Field again tomorrow to track any performance improvements.

The trike is designed to be toe-in 2mm. I pulled out the measuring tape and it was 10mm off!

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  1. That's bad but mine was far worse. I bought a Catrike from a dealer up near Lansing, Michigan. The toe in was just one of many things they messed up really bad. I wore out a set of tires in 30 miles and complained that the trike didn't handle correctly and was hard to peddle. I decided to check the toe in and discovered it was over an inch off. That's bad!!! The dealer would not take responsibility for it and tried to blame Catrike. Catrike said it is the dealer's responsibility and job to check and set the toe in when they do the initial assembly and set up. Catrike said I had to deal with the dealer concerning the various issues I had. I was outraged over all the many things this dealer messed up and told Catrike that I wouldn't trust them to put air in a tire much less anything else. I ended up correcting everything myself as I refused to take it back to this dealer who is obviously quite incompetant. In order to get the tires replaced they insisted that I send them the worn out ones (at my expense, of course) as they would not accept a photo of them.