Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nomad Cyclery is history

The technician, Justin is cool but his boss is driving me nuts. He won't let Justin work on my trike! Every time I go into the shop, he's always standing around telling me,

We don't work on bikes on Saturdays.
We don't work on bikes on Saturdays.

He literally says it at least 3x every time I'm in there. But he's always following up with how if I bring it in early, they can work on it. I did exactly as he asked the last two times. The first time I brought it in at 9am when they opened in the morning. The second time, I brought it in on Friday evening before closing so they would have it to work on first thing Saturday. Yet, what do I hear from this guy?

We don't work on bikes on Saturdays. The technician working on the bike is fine, but the way the shop is run is getting irritating. I should be able to bring my trike in once and have multiple things done w/o having to bring it back every week for them to work on for a few minutes here and there. Splitting it up hurts their time and hurts my wallet. Why is it that every time I go back to pick up the bike, it ends up costing 3x more than the estimate???

How much would this cost to install?
About $10-15.
Ends up costing $35

I've spent $110 there already in just adjustments and installations!

DD Cycles here I come! The shop seems like it's empty. He spent quite a bit of time with me last time giving me advice. He's yet to call me back about modifying my trike though. The only drawback of this shop is that it takes a huge hill to get there. Good practice!


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