Saturday, May 8, 2010

27 miles

That's the most I've ridden in a single run. I don't think I got off the trike for more than 3 minutes for a snack and a bathroom break. Photos of my bathroom break below. I'd say 40% of my ride today was uphill.

I pretty much reached my limit which worries me. At least 10 road bikers passed by me on the way up the hill returning to SF from Sausalito.

I think my endurance is just fine. It's my strength that needs improving. After a long uphill climb, I'm not breathing hard like I am normally after a 3 mile jog on the treadmill. My feet aren't really even in pain either - at least not in the beginning.

I just can't pedal as hard as I need to to move the 190lb's of trike and body. This photo is from a pier on the SF side. 40 minutes later I was in Sausalito where I made my new speed record. If it wasn't for the dogs that I was worried about running over, I may have gone past 33.1 mph. You can imagine the length and steepness of the hill I dropped down. I was dreading the return trip, so I considered taking the ferry back to SF. There I met a friendly guy named Art at the Sausalito Ferry station who was telling me about how he's gone at least 60 mph on his bike! My new goal is 40 mph before the end of the year. I don't think the weight of the trike could as easily hit 60+. I just need to find a hill steep enough and wide enough. It's the turns that make it fun.

So how many porto-potties need to be supplied for 700 girl scouts? At least 26! I never know what's going on the city until I trike around discovering new activities. I guess there was a girl scout convention. I have literally never seen that many girl scouts in one place. On my way up the hill, I saw a sign:

No biking. Please walk you bike.

Ugh, really? I asked the Security guy nearby if it'd be okay that I pedal thinking he'd let me since he knows I'd have trouble pushing the thing. He was nice enough to let me through. Yes!

Where can you find 500 Koreans in SF? I don't have photos, but there was a Korean picnic event this afternoon in Golden Gate park.

New discovery: Parts of Golden Gate Park are closed on Saturdays too! I thought it was just Sundays! Looks like I'm doubling my trike time.

The photos I took this time have been edited using Photoshop and Protomatix to mimmick an HDR look.


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