Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet pedals

ACCESSORY 32: Two-sided pedals $30.49 @

Straight from the mail! It's the XLC Alloy MTB Trekking dual sided pedals (466g, but who's counting). It's got clipless capabilities on one side and a regular flat pedal on the other. And the best part?

It goes with the color scheme! In all seriousness though, it was a happy discovery to find out that this product existed. Now if I decide to take the plunge and really get the cycling shoes, I and my friends can still use the flat side of the pedals with normal walking shoes.

Here's the flat side. I'm wondering if the plastic toe clips on my current pedals can be used on this pair. Although it's orange, I still want to put the reflectors back on. From the photo, there are two holes that look like it would work for mounting both the reflectors and toe clips. We'll see.

As an MTB style pedal, it only fits mountain bike shoes with the two holes as opposed to the road cycling shoes that need 3 holes. Although I don't plan to walk around much off of the trike, it's nice to have the choice. The road bike shoes are way too slippery and have zero tread/grip. From what I hear, riders can walk around with mountain bike shoes almost like normal while the road bike shoes are really uncomfortable off the bike. For me, the benefit of the road cycling shoes being more aerodynamic isn't worth the inconvenience. I'm not looking to race. I just want to finish the ALC.

In general, I typically don't care much about brand names, but I thought it was important when it came to pedals. Shoes will need to be high end enough to fit comfortably and be durable. The pedals need to be the same way. XLC's website is hard to Google. It's

My concern with this purchase was that it might not come with the cleats, but here they are! These little pieces of metal can cost $25 a pair when purchased separately!!! Glad they're included in the set. Enough talking. Installation tomorrow!


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