Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shades of grey

ACCESSORY 28: Sunglasses $52 @ REI (after 20% membership discount)

This might be the first Brazillian product I've ever knowingly purchased! At competitive prices, it's no wonder Tiffosi is number one in sales for sunglasses sold to runners. They have a 44.13% marketshare! They're apparently also very popular with bicyclists.

While glasses manufacturers call their self tinting technology Transition lenses, Tiffosi has trademarked Fototec lenses which provides the same conveniences. The Tiffosi Tyrant (frame style) Night Light (lens type) transmits between 25%-75% of the sunlight depending on how bright or dark it is.

Although you can't really tell while wearing the sunglasses, from outside, the lenses do tint quite a bit from almost completely clear to a shade of grey where onlookers can barely see my eyes. While most sunglasses that are dark enough to reduce glare in the sun would be unusable around sundown, these Tiffosi Tyrant sunglasses work perfectly for both. They're clear for my dusk to night rides and dark for my weekend sunny day rides.

So far these lenses have been perfect. I would hate to swap out lenses or sunglasses every time I'm under a different riding condition.

The cost is also a huge benefit. The lenses on the Oakleys alone which I had considered would have cost more than the price of my pair of Tiffosi's with the frame, soft and hard cases. The custom Oakey's I was eyeing was over $200 compared to these Tiffosi's for just over $50.

I also looked at the 2010 lineup from Specialized. They're prices were a bit better than Oakleys and would have drew me back about $150. Tiffosi's pricetag got me hooked and the performance so far has been impressive. Although I have no regrets on the purchase so far, I'm still considering the Specialized pair in the future if I can part with my hard earned money.


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