Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can you hear me now?

ACCESSORY 29: Bluetooth MP3 headset $67 @ Amazon.com

Since I lost my bluetooth headset earbud and almost the headset itself last week, I knew I'd be vulnerable to lose it again and perhaps next time I wouldn't be so lucky to find it again. There weren't any worthy competitors, so I picked up the Motorola S9-HD.

Two years ago, I was looking at this same unit. Motorola used to have a red and black version which would have matched the trike perfectly, but the sound quality has been improved in the newer HD version and this upgraded version is also more resistant to sweat/moisture. It's rained on me a couple times during my trike rides, so I picked up the new one.

After searching on ebay for an alternative, I found a couple knockoffs for $25 shipped. As enticing as it was, I did some more research and found the knockoff made-in-China versions would break easily, doesn't hold a charge for nearly as long and the flap that covers the USB charging port doesn't close properly. That and a bit of advice from my wife as enough to set me straight and buy the real deal.

The cheapo one would have to break 2-1/2 times before it paid for a single genuine one. How likely is that to happen? Probably not very likely, but the other problems with it made me choose the Motorola one. Although I have yet to try it (it's charging now), I have no regrets yet. Let's see how this puppy performs!


I'm listening to the headset now and I feel like how that kid commenting on the surry felt. A startled, "Oh wow," left my lips. No smile. I was almost mad at how I could possibly be surprised by this unit. I've almost every review online and didn't expect at all the amazing quality that comes out of this set. It's now well worth the money and I'm seeing where my $62 went. I knew this was called HD, but I expected it to just be all marketing hype. I really didn't expect the quality of sound I'm hearing from his headset. Motorola did a great job with this one. The sound quality really is excellent.

The unit itself is much smaller than I thought. Seeing reviews on Youtube and various photos online, it looked really big. I was a bit worried but pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out of the box to find it very compact. It's built very sturdy w/o being heavy. I thought for sure that reviewers were exaggerating when they said they would almost forget that they're wearing the headset. Now that I'm wearing it, I can easily see how that can happen.

The buttons stick out just enough that it can be felt, at least w/o gloves on since I'm sitting in the living room now. I'll wait to see how easily I can press the buttons with a gloved finger....

...it works! I can easily press the buttons even with the gloves on. It'll take me a bit to get used to exactly where the buttons are. Each side has three buttons. It helps that the center button is raised less to help orient which buttons are which.


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