Monday, May 10, 2010

Until next time

After much thought, research and comments about training and what to expect at the AIDS Life Cycle, I've decided to postpone the ride until next year. While most are training for 4-6 months, I have only 3 weeks left before the event. As a amateur cyclist using a trike weighing 2x more than the roadbikes of my counterparts, I'm already at a disadvantage. I think the trike can make it, but it needs a few modifications.

1. Clipless pedals.
I've never used these before and I have yet to purchase a set. I'm eyeing a couple models, but by the time it arrives in the mail and I install it, I won't have much ride time left before the event. From what I hear about the benefits of the efficiency gained by using clipless pedals, it should provide me with a big improvement in climbing. We'll see.

2. Matching cycling shoes
This is pretty much a set with item #1. I'll be picky about which ones I choose. It may take awhile too b/c this is one thing I don't want to buy online w/o trying on first at a store to get a sense of the comfort and fit.

3. Road tires
I ordered the Schwalbe Big Apples since so many people recommend them for recumbents. I'll give them a try to see if it was worth the change.

4. Larger rear wheel
I'm considering a 24" or a 26" to see if I get any improvement in climbing or at least distance. I'm worried how drastically this will change the feel of my gears. Larger wheels require more torque, right?


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