Thursday, May 13, 2010

Double vision

Seeing double? Do these accessories look familiar?

The training sessions for the AIDS Life Cycle require riders to have two water bottles - one for water and one for electrolytes like Powerade. While I doubled up on the hydration package, I thought I'd also take the Amazon shopping opportunity to get another matching mirror for the right side.

My main concern about getting this mirror was that the yellow logo sticker wasn't removable. I was worried that when installed on the right side as-is, the logo would be upside down since it's designed to be put on the left handlebar. Luckily Blackburn made this sticker super easy to remove. At the same time though, the glue behind it is still gooey enough to put it back on upside down w/o putting on any extra glue or tape. Here's the final product. The mirror is now mirrored.


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