Saturday, May 29, 2010

New gear options

KMX's response to my request for buying a new boom and crankset from one of their higher end performance trikes was a boom from their X Trike. It's an older model 22/32/42 chainrings. The package includes a derailleur and another twist gear shifter. Calculating the gear chart, I found it look like this:

Compared to my current setup, my lowest gear inch would drop from 23.5 to 12.9. That's almost half! I'll have 3 full gears lower than my current 1st gear. That's definitely a plus, but it all comes at the sacrifice of potential higher gears. The new setup only gives me 4.2 additional gear inches on the higher end. 72.7GI's now vs. 76.4 after the new setup. If I'm going to spend money on modifying the drivetrain so heavily, I'd expect a bit more on the top end. Still considering this though.


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