Saturday, May 22, 2010

ACCESSORY 34: Gloves $40 @ Cognition Cyclery

Maybe it was from my last experience on two wheels that tore the material off my ring finger glove. It was time to get another pair and after looking through at least 5 stores, I finally found a set. They didn't have my size and this particular style was rare. I had never seen it prior.

Lombardi's doesn't have it either, so I called up Cognition Cyclery to special order a pair since they specialize in the Specialized brand. The phone's ringing.

Can you please special order me a pair of Specialized gloves?
It's the Specialized GB Gel Long' black and white.
Oh, I think I might have those. Can you hold on while I go check?
We have 'em!

When I went in to pick them up at the counter where they held them for me, I asked if they were having any sales. The sale was apparently over, but the sales guy Eric hooked me up and knocked off 10%! Cheaper than if I were to order them from the Specialized website where I would've had to pay tax and shipping.


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