Friday, May 28, 2010

Saw 2 bents!

As I hit the race track, I saw a bent! Not sure what brand it was, but it was one of the longer ones. A bent bike with a big faring. The guy was super slow. It took him 6.25 miles to lap me! When I first entered the track, I was going pretty fast about to overtake him. I took effort to slow down so I could see how long I could keep pace. I lasted about one lap. I headed home 18.5 miles later.

I never would've guessed the driver of the murdered out Dodge Charger I saw on my way home would have been a triker. But there it was, on the back of the car was a rack with a maroon colored tadpole bent trike with a black wheel cover on the rear drive wheel. We were going to opposite directions too fast for me to wave. I'm sure he saw me before I saw him. Maybe I'll see him again some time.


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