Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lock me up

ACCESSORY 30: Lock bracket $3.75 @

Perhaps the only thing missing from my Timbuk2 bag is a Vietnamese sandwich. There isn't much room to stuff anything more than my essentials after loading it with the lock, tool, signal wristbands, pressure gauge, wallet, garage door opener and camera. I already leave my keys at home to lighten the load. The lock had to go and this little sub $4 bracket made it happen. It looked superbulky in the packaging, but it looks to be the perfect size once installed.

With this installation, I'll be trusting people a bit less and using this lock a bit more. I typically have to remove a bunch of things before getting to the lock that normally sits on the bottom of the Timbuk2 bag. Often times I don't bother and just set the alarm and call it good. Now it's easily accessible. The only bad thing about this accessory is that there is no latch! It doesn't snap into place or anything! The lock simply slides in/out of the bracket. There's no click nor button. When I turn my trike vertical to store it, the lock drops right out. Hopefully it will stay secure on steep hills and bumps. I'll report back in a month to see if I've lost my lock yet.


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