Saturday, March 27, 2010

My trip to McDonalds

I'm always trying to up my distance on each trek if I have the time. I ended up going to the Stonestown McDonalds to stop by for a Sweet Tea. Manuevering through the double doors was a bit of a challenge as the trike barely fits through one of the swing doors.

As I approached the entrance, I saw a guy cut in front of me. Thinking to myself that he would see me struggling and hold the door open, I took a rest and paused so he could get by. But guess what? The fool creaked it open just enough for his lanky body to fit through and let go of the door! He was was close enough to me where I could lean in and touch him. He was literally within 1'-0" of me!

Seriously? Seriously? *sigh* Some people just grew up wrong.

Back to the reason why I'm here. I managed my way through the door, pulled it over to the side out of people's way and set the alarm. This was my first time using it outside my garage. Although distracted by my thirst, I was thinking in the back of my mind whether this alarm was worth my $8.

As I was waiting in line eager to order, I did feel reassured that if someone tried to take my trike and somehow ran through the exit with it, I would at least hear the high decible alarm (which turns out not to be that loud) to buy me some time to chase them down as they're lugging around my 43lb ride.

As I was pouring my drink into my Camelbak water bottle, the girl at the counter leaned over and said smiling in wonderment,

"What is that for?"
This was unusual for me b/c when people see the trike, I'm typically riding it. They know exactly what it's for. It's for entertainment! Lean back, pedal and go. But this time the Tornado was just sitting there on the tile floor next to the garbage can - lights flashing with me standing next to it.

"It's actually a tricycle. Three wheels. It's!"

She didn't have anymore questions and turned away, so I walked off to continue pouring my drink. She then turned back around, gestured as if she were holding my handlebars and said,

"So you lean back like this?"

In hind sight, I probably should have offered her a ride, but oh well. Next time.

Managing my way through the exit doors wasn't any easier than getting in. It's actually harder to push the door than it is to pull. When you pull, you can at least use your foot to hold it open while pushing the trike through. When you push the door open, you have to stretch your arms further than possible while reaching back to maneuver the trike through. Not easy, but I'll get the hang of it one of these days.

Reclining on the trike, I see a little old Russian lady standing next to me. Her smile was not so much one of curiosity nor eagerness. I could tell she was just happy to see someone else doing something she knows is fun. I smiled and took off down the road.

Which way do I go?

I wanted to take a different route back than how I came. I probably should have hesitated longer than I did when I decided to go through the "cars only" street through the tunnel. No cars were coming, so I took my chance and sped down the asphalt looking through my mirror more often than normal.

On the way back I was going probably 7mph downhill at one portion when I hit a huge bump in the road (the kind made by tree roots taking over the sidewalk). I wasn't close to falling out of the seat, but it definitely got my attention as my butt was at least an inch off the seat.

Just outside my garage, my neighbor complimented the ride.

"Nice lights!"
"Thanks, good night!" as I waved bye-bye.


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