Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brake time

ACCESSORY 11: Brake strap $0 @ work

The IT department was going to throw these velcro straps away, so I picked 'em up knowing I could use them for something sometime. I wasn't sure until I saw Joel's blog where he did something similar with the brake lever. Thanks Joel! This works perfectly! Now I can get off the trike on a hill w/o having to worry. This helps on my driveway that has a bit of a slope.

ACCESSORY 12: Dual headlights $1.50 @ Ebay

Yeah, seriously. These were $1.50 shipped to my door. For $6 I got two of these and two rear lights! These lights slip off and act as regular flashlights you can take away with you. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and has two settings. On/off and flashing. I've got one on each handlebar.

Here's the whole assembly. It's mirrored on the left side. Exact same thing except no bell. Both the red and white lights are visible at all angles. I've already ordered a front headlight for the front boom and will probably pop that on there too. Am I getting close to too many lights? Wait until my next project!

Imagine this when it's superdark outside. All lights are definitely visible. I'll post a picture of it at night on the road soon.


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