Monday, March 22, 2010

My twin!

I saw another KMX! Actually, the guy saw me. While at Golden Gate park, I hear a shouting from behind me,

"Is that a KMX?"
"Yes," I responded as I turned my head to see my little bother, the KMX ST.

The KMX ST is what preceded the Tornado. It's looks very similar but the seats are different, the steering mechanism is different and this guy's trike stock would've had 1 more gear than mine. His was modded though! Performance - not just accessories. He swapped out his front crankshaft for a three gear one for a total of 24 gears! Compared to my measily 7, it only took half a second for me to get jealous and hop out of my seat to get a closer look.

Looking around, this guy's KMX trike was very well used. You know a guy's had fun with his trike when he goes over wood stumps and cracks his frame in half.....which was replaced by KMX's lifetime warranty. Good stuff. The company even covers it non-original owners which is a blessing.

Hopefully I see Warren around again sometime.


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