Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pop! Tsssss....

ACCESSORY 8: Tire repair kit $6 @ Ebay

I bought this awhile ago, but it just came in today! I knew it would take awhile. All cheap stuff on Ebay is from HK or China and takes forever to arrive. In the meantime while waiting for these slow pokes, I purchased a Bell non-flat tire. It's basically got gooey stuff that comes out and fills the tire when you get a hole. More on that later. I'll fix up my flat tube and store it as my spare.

ACCESSORY 9: Tire pump $19 @ Ebay

If Dyson is the leader in vacuum cleaners and even if they're not, they look darn cool....Lezyne is the equally the leader in bicycle pumps. The aluminum frame's gotta make you drool. If it had a bit more white in its color scheme, it would be an Apple product. The ironic part is that I hope I never have to use this. Emergency road use only.


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