Friday, March 26, 2010

The Stickers Gotta Go

Sorry KMX, but these gotta go. I really don't see that the trike is as rebellious as the graffiti graphic implies. I wish it was a block type font that would mesh well with the aggressive square tube framing. Something a bit less organic would also lend itself to be a good match with the trike's modern expression. Ideally the KMX brand w/o the .com portion would be permanently engraved or stamped into the metal w/o any color. White on white shows a bit of class that true curious onlookers would identify and appreciate.It would then be more of a brand then a cheesy desperate attempt at advertising. The KMX on the pedals by the front crankshaft was perfect. Perhaps all the text should have leaned towards that look. I'm not sure why KMX tossed around different fonts.

Luckily the text is just a sticker that comes off very easily. I'm thinking there's a chance that KMX may have intended for some customers to remove these. Since KMX has manufactered such a good product, I felt a bit bad so I relocated the Tornado sticker rather than removed it completely. It now appears at the cross section of the frame at the top.


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