Saturday, March 20, 2010

Click, click, click....

The front crankshaft has been clicking like crazy! The craigslist seller told me about it before I got it, but it's been getting tons worse. Recently it's been clicking and creaking during every revolution. Not only was it annoying, but it rendered my bell useless. People could hear the creaking from a block away. I'd even stop pedaling sometimes to cruise by so I wouldn't bug the heck out of people. So sad. I triked about 20 blocks this afternoon to Nomad Cyclery where one of the techs, Justin helped me fix it.

It turns out the crankshaft was way way lose. "Finger tight," he says. While adjusting it, it fell off completely! I can't imagine if that would've happened while I was on the trike. I think I made it just in time. Good thing I dropped by the shop today.

The gears were slipping too between 1 and 2. He tweaked that a bit too. The only real way to do it was to take it for a spin. So he was on the trike up and down the street turning his head back to look at the gears. I was worried about him with all the cars coming to and fro.

25 minutes later and $35 later, it was all pretty much fixed. He recommends that I go back later to get more adjustments. They're super busy on the weekends, so I'm lucky they fit me in just around 1pm.

Can't wait to ride again tonight.


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