Friday, March 19, 2010

Flash me

ACCESSORY 10: LED handle bar end lights $17 @

I've seen these on racing bicycle handle bars...the curvy kind and they're visible even in the daytime! These pieces each slip into the ends of the handlebars and light up a bright red. There are two settings for this particular model: On/off and flashing. This was my chance to get a pair too! I looked around for awhile and they were priced at almost $30. That's way over budget, so after looking a bit more I compromised at under $20 shipped. After just one day, the right side is already sorta broken. I've only used it 3x!!! Ugh. It will turn on and flash, but after awhile, it will stop flashing and just turn off. I read some reviews that this thing was poorly made, but there wasn't any other option since both companies that sell them are probably from China and the there's zero quality control. I thought I'd take a shot and I guess I lost. Boo hoo. Sucks. Oh well.

So here they are installed. The red LED's don't quite perfectly to the handlebar ends. They're way loose, so I currently have the handlebar grips pretty much holding them in for now. I have to resecure them every now and then and will continue doing that until I can figure out a better solution. The lights are superbright at night. Think of it as a red flashlight. Yes, that bright!


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