Monday, March 22, 2010

Grip shift

Accessory 14: Handlebar grips $12 @ Mikes Bikes

I bought this pair for $9. I figured the deal was good and I liked the eronomics of the handlebar grip. It tapers in slightly towards the top for your thumb and forefinger to hold onto the handle. The top holds the LED handlebar ends caps fairly well. After writing this post so far, I'm starting to wonder why I went with the other set instead.

I ended up install these ones. The rougher square pattern goes better with the aggressiveness of the square metal frame of the trike. The top and bottom grey ends also finish the ends very well. I ultimately decided on this pair of grips b/c 1) The grip has much better friction. 2) It holds the LED end cap lights better. It's a snug enough fit where it won't fall off and the grip isn't forced to wrap around the caps like the first pair of grips.


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