Monday, March 22, 2010

Protecting my knoggin

ACCESSORY 13: Helmet $40 @ Lombardi Sports

The last and only helmet I've ever owned was a purple Giro that my parents bought me when I got my first bicycle when I was 12. Since before I could remember, I wanted a helmet with the built in visor in the front. Looking around, I found real helmets (not the ones from Target) are around $35-$80 for the entry level to mid range ones. Sale prices are around $24-$50.

Who would've known that there's so many different types of helmets! Doing a quick search I found MTB stands for mountain biking. There's road helmets, race ones, sport ones and BMX ones. They all have their different characteristics. Being that the KMX Tornado is basically a 3-wheeled mountain bike, I opted for the MTB version. This particular one is the Bell Influx. It's a bit hard to find b/c it's an older model which I believe was replaced by the Bell Delirium. They're both slick and have low profiles. It's not bulky at all. The Delirium has different graphics and just had too much red in it for my taste. As hard as it was to find, I had my eyes set on the Bell Influx and spent forever looking for a good price.

Those of you who know me probably would've guessed that I got picky about the color. I wanted the black and white theme with an accent of red at a good price. Normally sold for $65, I got hooked up for $40 after tax. A helmet is one of those things you have to love or else you're not going to wear it. I used it for the first time during this evening's midnight run and rode further up hill in my neighborhood that I've ever gone. I'm certain now that I can make it to my friend's house.


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