Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let me go left

ACCESSORY 15: Signal lights $27 @ Safeturn

Even strangers know riding the trike in the dark is dangerous. The guy at the corner liquor store as I rode by this evening yelled aloud to his buddies,

"What the hell is that?" Followed by a big pause,
"Be careful!"

Ever since I got the trike, I was trying to find the best way to add a turn signal to the trike....especially in the dark. I saw all those rear lights with built-in turn signals on the market, but the fact that they were integrated into a single unit made it less effective. From far away, you see a big blur of red and orange. I needed something that was much more clear. The orange lights would have to be as far left or right as possible from the center of the trike.

I considered making my own signal lights and hooking it up somehow, but just before I was about to get down and dirty, I luckily I came across the Safeturn product! Each of these lights wrap around your glove or wrist. There's a sensor inside so that when you move your hand away from the handlebar to indicate a turn, it registers the movement of your hand and lights up the three built-in LED's. The best part is that it will continue blinking until you return your hand back the neutral handlebar-holding position. The unit is fully adjustible. You can modify it so that your hand at rest can be in any position in the off position and turn on when your hand moves to gesture a turn.

After my first run, I can say this product works very well. I highly recommend it. There's nothing else on the market even remotely capable of mimicking the same thing. I'll try to film a video of this in action. The company's own marketing videos don't give it justice.


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