Monday, August 29, 2011

XShot Test Shot

Just before 4pm, my package arrived from the little white truck. I heard it coming.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised since I've seen photos of this thing before, but this pole is a bit beefy.

All the reviews on this thing were right on. It's definitely a quality piece. I'm sure it's more durable than the $10 competition ones I saw on Amazon. It's got that HTC cell phone type of finish on the handle. The telescopic extension does have two grooves on either side to keep each section from rotating. This keeps the camera as steady as your hand can keep it. After using it for a few test shots, I found that it's pretty good for keeping the camera level. Especially when you're not looking, it would otherwise be tough to tell if the camera is level to the ground. By putting a finger on the grooves, you can easily tell if you're in the proper position.


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