Monday, August 22, 2011

Bay Trail & Los Gatos Trail Ride

Although our computers all calculated different mileage, we've determined that we covered about 43 miles yesterday.

It was our first Norcal BROL bent ride with more than 2 people! We celebrated with some good food! Not really. It was more of a bathroom break with a pre-lunch bonus.

Hey! Look who I got into riding a bent! I'm guessing BROL will soon have a new member. Paul here on a Speed Machine road with me on this year's past ALC ride. This is our second ride together. I'm still jealous of that suspension.

If you want to know what recumbent serenity looks like, this is it. "On top of the world!" as Mike likes to say. One of the best things about a trike? When you arrive, you're there. No getting up. No finding a place for your ride. Just relax.

Look who else relaxed with us? None other than this 92 year old fella (who looks 78 years young). After staring a bit at the trike, Mike invited him to have a seat and that he did. Is he sleeping in this pic? Naw, just caught him in mid blink.


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