Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hase Pino Tandem?

Funny name, eh? I've added another bent to my dream list: Hase Pino Tandem. It's a two-wheeler my wife and I can ride together.....if she was willing and....if we wanted to spend $4,900 on a ride.

Something about a white one get's me excited. I've been loving this color for the past 3 yrs on everything from trikes to cars. It accents the black very well. This particular model is the fancier version. I think it's $7k before tax and shipping. Ouch. That's like the price of a used car.

Yes, both riders can pedal at different speeds. No, both riders cannot steer the vehicle - only the rear upright rider. Yup, that means being the person in the front is a bit scary. At least the front rider (pilot) has a set of brakes for approaching a stop sign or traffic light. But once the tandem arrives at the intersection, it's the rear rider (stoker) who usually puts his feet down. The pilot stays put just praying that the tandem doesn't fall over.

I saw one of these at the ALC. It was ridden by a mother and son team. I bet if they weren't already close, they learned to be after the 7-day 545 mile ride.

Maybe when the wife and I retire and we don't have many other things to do and we have a few thousand to throw around, we might get this. Until then, it's nothing more than a new post on my blog. *Sniff sniff*.


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