Sunday, August 28, 2011


While waiting for the Xshot camera extension to arrive, guess what popped in the mail? My DV MD80 mini camera! I bought this thing for under $12 shipped. I wasn't expecting it from China for another couple of weeks, but here it is!

Some call it a thumb camera b/c that's about the size of it. It comes with a variety of clips and brackets for mounting. One of them even has a magnet on it for securing to things like....a trike!

I took it for a spin and the quality reflects that of a $11.56 item, but what more can you ask for. It's designed as a spy camera - not really for super high quality videos. You get what you pay for I suppose. But as a bonus feature, it even has a sound sensor so that it only turns on after hearing a 60db sound. Pretty neat.

While doing some research on this thing, I came across a Youtube video of another product that probably would have been a lot better for filming first person videos. At the bridge of the sunglasses is a little camera lens.

The fat arms house controls, a microphone, micro SD card slot and an MP3 Player. The lenses aren't photocromic nor polarized, but it's crazy what you can get for $11.50 shipped from China these days.


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