Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy, it's raining!

So my new ALC bud just ordered a Catrike Expedition. And this was just 2 days after receiving a HP Velotechnik Speed Machine! So jealous. Anyway, I was researching how it would look in green and was surprised I came across some Catrike photos I've never seen before.

Covered trikes! That's actually a very clean look! It's not as dorky and home-made looking as the one's I've come across before. I'd ride this thing!

And if you want full protection, there's an expansion pack! Look mom, I'm covered! That's pretty cool. You can actually ride in full rain and even your legs stay dry. This might be the funkiest trike I've ever seen.

It's tough to actually imagine what it's like riding it until you see this pic! Now that's pretty cool isn't it? I could do without the trailer though. So where can you get one of these? Click here.

If I want my wife to ride with me, I'll have to get one of these for her. This one's definitely more dorky looking. It doesn't have the clean lines of the one above, but it definitely provides more sun coverage. Where to get this? Click here.


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