Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turn Signal Light Project

I've always wanted to add an LED turn signal to the trike - something I obviously use at night but that's also bright enough for daytime use. I first came across this idea when looking for something for the pocket Sharper Image electric scooter, but I figure I could probably do the same thing to the trike.


First I'll need some sort of button. I thought about a toggle switch, but then I found this and it not only integrates onto the bike much better due to it already having a mounting bracket for the handlebar, but it's also compact and has a clean look to it.

Of course I'll need some lights to flash. How about these? I can pick them in any color except for (unfortunately) amber. Yellow's the closest thing. That might work.

And of course I'll need some way to store the power. AA batteries! It even comes with a switch. I have one exactly like this for a single 9 volt battery. They're super cheap. $1/each or so.


There are two lights (left/right) and power. But the trigger's got 7 wires? Umm, errr.... not sure how this thing is put together.

1. Left light
2. Right Light
3. Headlight
4. Horn
5. Ground
6. Negative power
7. Positive power

Is that right? I also know there's got to be relays and flasher gizmos but I have no idea how it all comes together. Hopefully the fellas at the BROL forum can help me out. If not, I'll turn to Endless Sphere (an electric bike forum) for some advice.


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