Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ding and Direction

Accessory 50: Compass bell @ Nashbar $3.49

Does that say fifty up there? I can't believe it! I've done a lot in the past year to this trike. The more accessories I add and the more I modify it, the less I want a Catrike Speed. Every upgrade means more work (and $$) I'd have to put into the Speed to catch up to the Tornado as it stands now. In other words, the Catrike Speed looks worse and worse after every mod to the Tornado. The gap is only getting bigger. I'll never get over the weight advantage of the Catrikes though.

What a smart idea! Integrate a compass into the casing of a bell! No tax and shipping was free from a recent promotion when any Nashbar product is purchased. The thing is a bit bulky, but the bell works suprisingly well. I currently have a Daiso knockoff version of the standard bell and it doesn't ring nearly as loudly or as high pitched as this one.

Hopefully after I install this thing, I can get a better idea of which direction I'm heading (in case the sun's not visible from where I'm at). I'm off to go install this....

Okay, it's installed! it fits in place of the old one. One good thing about this bell is that the angle at which the flicker is used to sound the bell can be rotated at any angle along the perimeter of the bell. How convenient! In fact this angle at 10 o'clock is even more ergonomic than the fixed one I had before that pointed directly in the 9 o'clock position.

When I ordered this thing, I was worried the compass wouldn't be readable due to the vertical angle it has to be mounted. After getting it on though, it doesn't look like it'll be a problem. The letter I can't see indicates the direction I'm heading. I can't wait to test the bell out! Watch out pedestrians! A friendly ring is just around the corner.


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