Thursday, August 18, 2011

What would I do differently for ALC 11?

I attended an ALC event this evening before watching Stuffed and Unstrung, the Jim Hansen puppet show. While waiting for the slideshow to begin, I was put on the spot by one of the other ALC participants (who happened to be a high school classmate) when he asked me, "Are you riding again this year?"


It got me thinking about what I would do differently if I did ride again in next year's Aids Life Cycle. There's a bunch of things I could do differently, but how can I be more prepared? The list begins now:

1. Bring an alarm clock so that I won't have to use up cell phone juice throughout the night.

2. Buy thermal underwear way ahead of time - months ahead. No one sells that stuff weeks before b/c it's out of season. Who would have thunk.

3. Don't bring energy gels. The ride has energy blocks and they're good enough (better actually).

4. Tape the flag pole to the bottom frame of the trike before giving it to the shipping company. I had to toss it b/c they wouldn't take it with the pole installed on the trike.

5. Bring sandals.

6. Take more videos of activities other than the ride (e.g. eating, walking, sleeping, etc).

7. Take 2 second videos every time the scenery changes. These can be linked together to create a pretty cool 5 minute video of each day.

8. Bring warm clothes so I won't have to use my tentmate's. I had to borrow Angela's little-bit-too-small fleece shirt b/c I forgot to bring long sleeve shirts! On that note, I should have also brought my fleece hooded sweatshirt.

9. Bring a collapsible cup (from The Container Store) for brushing my teeth.

10. Clean the spokes daily b/c when I returned, I found that one of them was a bit rusty.

11. ???? I'm sure there's more. I need some more time to think about it.


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