Monday, August 22, 2011

Drooling over a carbon fiber lowracer

It pretty much speaks for itself. And when the price is $1,500 it's so sad to not get it.

It's got my dream wheel and it's made of my favorite material - carbon fiber! Even the seat is made of carbon. I picked up one of these seats at a store before and it weighs less than a stack of paper plates.

And if you're not gawking at that, you'll surely notice the slick looking wheels. Wow! Yup, those are carbon too.

The fact that it's a lowracer means you can keep yourself up using your hands! No immediate need for a stand. Unless you actually ride on grass, it's better to wear some gloves though!

Other than the fact that the seller on BROL has no history and this could be a complete scam, I'm not sure why this ride hasn't already been sold.

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