Monday, August 15, 2011

ALC Buddy

People say they make life long friends on the ALC ride. Riding alone, I met a lot of nice people along the route. One of these guys reached out to me and got in touch from remembering my license plate on the trike. We got together and rode 21.73 miles this afternoon (exact figure determined by his cool Garmin thingymabob).

This is the first time I've seen a chart of one of my rides. Thanks Paul! It's pretty cool to see all the specs.

I'm glad we did this ride instead of attending Sunday Streets. This month's route wouldn't have been worth going to. It's only a few miles and it forks off into dead ends - nothing as gorgeous as Sunday Streets from last month.


  1. HEY! Is that sachs 3x7 still for sale? I'm ready to pay, let me know!

  2. You're welcome! Looking forward to doing it again soon. Biking in SF is new and interesting to me. Where was Sunday Streets last month?